color spot nurseries

Who We Are:

Color Spot Nurseries was founded over 30 years ago by Michael Vukelich and Jerry Halamuda. Their vision and our dedicated Color Spot family created who we are today. Color Spot Nurseries caters to more than 2,000 retail and commercial customers throughout the United States. We specialize in the distribution of high quality bedding plants, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, premium blooming plants, ground cover, ornamentals and more.

Color Spot also provides in-store merchandising, product displays, promotional planning, and product reordering services to customers including Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Rite-Aid, Kroger, and Orchard Supply. Color Spot is “growing for its customers.” The company currently operates 6 production facilities in California and Texas, and ships to 12 states.

The Color Spot family is committed to the success of our customers and the satisfaction of our ultimate consumers. Our success is built upon exceptional quality products, superior customer service, merchandising, and excellent distribution systems. Color Spot Nurseries has the largest and most experienced sales and marketing team in the industry. A commitment to quality runs throughout every facet of Color Spot from plug production, to planting, controlling insects and diseases, order entry, customer service, assembly, labeling, loading, distribution, merchandising, and selling.

Color Spot currently produces over 2,500 varieties of live plants, including bedding plants, shrubs, flowering potted plants, ground cover, and vegetables. We continually seek to develop new products through proprietary retail product lines and creative, easy-to-use packaging.

The Color Spot family welcomes you to browse our website and enjoy our beautiful harvest.

About Us


Color Spot Nurseries is a world class horticultural company committed to exceeding customer expectations through quality, value added products and services. We are passionate about continuous improvement, our team design and employee participation throughout the company. Our goal is to offer our retail customers the quality products and services they need to offer gardeners quality plants and merchandise at reasonable prices.


  • We are committed to Quality
  • Our customer is King
  • We are market driven
  • We must always create a win/win situation
  • We sell success
  • We are in the people business