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Rainbow, CA

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Availability Clerk (Rainbow – Fallbrook, CA)

Availability Clerk                                 

Summary of Position: Count and record dimensions of product available for sales orders. Maintain inventory accuracy, monitor quality standards for customer commitments and proactively problem solve with field, assembly, and customer service/sales personnel.  Act as a contributing member of the Availability Team.

Job Qualifications

Skills: Computer keyboard accuracy and phone skills with propensity to learn new skills.  Exercise sound judgment for a safe work environment.  Ability to organize own work priorities and complete work assignments.  Microsoft Office competencies.

Experience: Three (3) years of nursery experience or landscape plant knowledge.  Ability to work with spreadsheets and email software programs (Excel/Outlook).  Must have a current California driver’s license with an acceptable driving record.

Knowledge and Education: Basic plant knowledge required.   Verbal and written communication skills.  Ability to communicate in English and Spanish.   Basic math skills with a calculator.               

Essential Functions: Duties include but are not limited to the following.

  1. Drive to designated area for daily work
  2. Counts plants, calculates and records field counts and product dimensions including quality description of products
  3. Inputs salable product quantities and product dimensions in the computer using math skills and English spelling
  4. Resolve grade and location selection issues with Field, Dock and Customer Service personnel
  5. Prioritizes field count work based on product’s prime selling season; changing availability dates to reflect salability in the future
  6. Interacts with Field Supervisors, Distribution and Sales Management as needed to facilitate the sales and shipping process
  7. Participates in twice weekly field tours for sales and field maintenance
  8. In the computer, protects grades for upcoming advertised product – quote system
  9. Initiates inventory transactions to keep physical inventory in the computer accurate. Returns, location changes and batch splits
  10. Reconciles inventory and availability when products are sold as assortments
  11. Performs cycle counts with accuracy; prepares the report, distributes to Production Dept. for input
  12. Acts as back up for Availability Coordinator for computer input of future quotes, adjustments and releases to keep product accessible for sales
  13. Active participant in Physical Inventory process using keyboard skills and knowledge of inventory