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Merchandiser Manager (West Houston, TX Territory)

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Manage, oversee, schedule and provide direction to all Sales Merchandisers and Part time/Seasonal Merchandisers
  • Manage customer relationship and issue resolution with DM’s, Store Mgrs, and Store Dept Mgrs
  • Manage inbound product flow from all suppliers in their assigned stores
  • Drive consistent merchandising best practices with the merchandisers
  • Manage hiring process, and weekly labor hours to demand and versus budget for their assigned stores
  • Manage execution of store sets execution, seasonal transitions, and signage with Merchandisers
  • Ensure table sets follow Planagram, manage product transitions, and manage product “audibles” as necessary
  • Fill in for any and or all Merchandiser responsibilities as necessary
  • Manage the supplier product scrap and inventory processes for their assigned stores


  • Ability to use innovations and creativity to complete work and initiates action to capitalize on opportunities, which result in actual, quantifiable savings or improvement to the company.
  • Ability to generalize and apply learning’s and knowledge from past experiences to solve current problems, even in unfamiliar situations.
  • Ability to disseminate deep knowledge of functional best practices through effective training and coaching skills.
  • Ability to identify and analyze problems, determine causes, evaluate multiple alternative solutions, make recommendations for action, and predict both direct and indirect consequences.
  • Ability to apply a broad knowledge of all financial and operational business processes to designing and implementing solutions that integrate the needs of all functional areas.
  • Intermediate computer skills to perform ad-hoc analysis and create management tools.


  • Ability to influence others in a desired direction using goals, training, standards/rules, recognition, coaching, team spirit, assistance, initiative, self-control, honesty, and priority setting to achieve business results.
  • Ability to delegate and optimize the efficiency of an individual or group while maintaining personal control and a balanced approach.
  • Ability to communicate and delegate effectively and listens attentively; clarifies and restates; uses good grammar; persuades effectively, asks for feedback; invites participation; is enthusiastic; and continually checks for understanding.
  • Ability to recognize performance strengths and limitations of subordinates and can effectively coach them to achieve their maximum potential.
  • Ability to act in a professional and mature manner both within and outside the organization while making a favorable impression through behavioral and business acumen.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects effectively.
  • Ability to handle personnel issues decisively and fairly.

Planning and Organization Skills

  • Ability to establish efficient courses of action for self and others including priority setting and process checkpoints.
  • Ability to develop comprehensive, well defined, and realistic plans, execute all facets of the plans, while maximizing the use of available resources to complete the plan.
  • Ability and willingness to delegate effectively, assign responsibilities, communicate expectations, allow for individual flexibility, provide follow-up to gain closure, and allow authority required for independent actions.

Team-based Orientation

  • Ability and willingness to consider the impact of one’s own decisions on others, both within and outside of their immediate work group.
  • Ability to be effective in cross-functional integration and is able to focus on larger, organizational goals rather than narrow, territorial, or individual concerns.
  • Ability to relate to others in a professional manner and effectively deal with sensitive people issues while considering the needs, wants, and feeling of others.
  • Ability to work with other individuals towards common goals by demonstrating respect, listening to other’s points of view, avoiding defensiveness, expressing personal view points with tact, avoiding blaming others or finger-pointing, and being persuasive without personal attacks or intimidation. 

Results Drive and Attitude

  • Ability to interact with all individuals in the organization in a manner that is appropriate to their style and custom while fostering understanding, respect, and cooperation in all working conditions.
  • Ability to lead actions that encourage increased trust and mutual respect among subordinates, peers, and managers.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Directly supervises Sales Merchandisers and Part time/Seasonal Merchandisers and may supervise other areas

Must carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; holding regular meetings and complying with safety regulations; housekeeping; measuring and monitoring efficiencies; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.